This is a selection of designer necklaces handcrafted from 9ct gold and sterling silver. We have many different necklace designs, humming birds, shell, sea urchins and lots of charms like keys, butterflies, whale tails and more. The new BLOCK collection of necklaces are very simple and elegant and a great addition to your jewellery box for everyday wear. The colourful vinyl necklace collection is made from brass and plastic vinyl disc shaped beads and are very colourful for summer wear.
Silver broken sea urchin necklace
Gold sea urchin necklace
Silver sea urchin necklace
Vinyl bead necklace
Vinyl bead pendant necklace
Pink neon necklace
Multi-coloured vinyl necklace
Vinyl stack necklace
Ostrich egg necklace
Gold humming bird necklace
Silver humming bird necklace
Whale tail gold necklace
Gold clam shell necklace
Silver clam shell necklace
Silver sea snail necklace
Spiral shell necklace
Silver large cockle shell
Small cockle shell necklace
Silver hollow limpet necklace
Gold key charm
Silver angel wing necklace
Silver coral necklace
Silver moroccan double shoe necklace
Silver moroccan single shoe necklace
Gold whelk shell necklace
Silver butterfly necklace
Silver block necklace horizonal
Silver block necklace small
Silver block necklace meduim
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